Welcome to Philippine Virtual Staffing

We are a web staffing company specializing in the creative, technical, search engine optimization, CAD drafters, and general virtual assistant tasks of the Business Process Outsourcing Industry.

We have a fully trained staff of designers, programmers, CAD operators, encoders, link builders, and much more. Our company is backed by one of the pioneers in the Internet industry - Philippine Global Outsourcing which enables us to share our 14 years in the industry.

We hope you'll take the time to learn more about our company, what we can do for you and how your business can grow with us because your success is our success.

~ Philippine Virtual Staffing Team ~


Philippine Virtual Staffing
c/o Philippine Global Outsourcing
#26 Marigold Circle
Ladislawa Garden Village, Buhangin
8000 Davao City Philippines
Email: philippineoutsourcing@gmail.com

For price list, please email us

+63 907 775 6544 (smart)
+63 908 973 6300 (smart)
+63 922 551 4009 (sun)
+63   82 224 1040 (landline)
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